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Gibeon Meteorite Square Pendant on a 20-inch Jewelry Wire Choker

Gibeon Meteorite Square Pendant on a 20-inch Jewelry Wire Choker

Packaged and ready for sale in your store or gift shops - handcrafted 0.75 inch Square Gibeon Meteorite Pendant offered on a 20-inch black-tone, 1.2 mm jewelry wire with screw closure; it makes for a most unusual, minimalist necklace. Can also be worn on a leather choker or chain.

 The Gibeon Pendant

    • Sliced and etched with acid to show its Widmanstatten pattern
    • Resistant to rust due to tight fitting crystals, lack of inclusions, and high nickel content
    • Made in the Tucson, Arizona by Magic Mountain Gems
    • Pendant dimensions
      • 0.4 ounces
      • 0.75 inches x 0.75 inches square with rounded edges
      • 0.06 - 0.08 inches thick
      • Drilled center hole with jump ring 
    • Sold with or without 1.2 mm jewelry wire

     The Gibeon Meteorite Story

    Collision with earth is estimated to be 200-400 million years ago in the Gibeon area of Namibia, Africa during prehistoric times. Found in 1836 by a British explorer, Captain J.E. Alexander, although natives were familiar with these "metal rocks" for hundreds of years. Estimated, by radiometric dating, to be 4 billion years old and thought to be debris from an exploding super nova.

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