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Gibeon Meteorite Slice Guitar Pick - Custom Order

Gibeon Meteorite Slice Guitar Pick - Custom Order

After we got our paws on this 4-billion-year old meteorite, we sliced it, diced it, and poured some delicious (acid) sauce on it to bring out its Widmanstätten pattern. We did a bit more cutting and polished it into the perfect guitar pick. Guitar music never sounded so good!

  • Handcrafted in the USA by Magic Mountain Gems
  • Approximate meteorite guitar pick size: 1.2-inch x 1.2-inch triangle
  • Nickel-Iron Meteorite, sliced and etched with acid to show the Widmanstätten pattern
  • Resistant to rust due to tight fitting crystals, lack of inclusions, and high nickel content
  • Sold with or without display box and information/maintenance card
  • Offer the unique - perfect for any gift shop setting 

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